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CVMaker.pro is ...

CVMaker.pro is a fast and flexible resume builder, CVMaker.pro overcomes several disadvantages of other resume online tools (special features like free layout movement, title, customized section order, signature upload, ...) to bring a comfortable and unique experience to users which we believe that you have never had before.


CVMaker.pro was developed from an idea of making a perfect resume online builder, when our CEO read resumes from lots of candidates and did a research on current resume making tools in the Internet.

He realized that although they are all great tools to use, there are plenty of things could be improved to make users satisfied and free upon their creativity.

Therefore, he made a decision to build CVMaker.pro in which users can actively create their own resume.


Idea materialization has never been easy. With a strong passion and eagerness to pursue the targets, within one year, our CEO has worked constantly, words like holiday or weekedn never exist during this period.

"... I have no holidays, no weekends. I just work and work with a strong belief and passion about sharing an amazing tool with the community, that's truly my target for all time ..."

– CEO CVMaker.pro –


After one year working continuously, conducting lots of strict tests and reviewed by top experts and recruiters,

CVMaker.pro was officially launched on June 1, 2018.